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Latest ITA Blogs:

Nica Need-to-Knows

It is no secret that we, from SurfNicaWaves, are Nica-freaks! We love everything Nica, and want to share some basic knowledge with you, so you can better understand the country.

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You Always Want What You Don’t Have

A thick layer of snow covers the green stretched fields. I’m trying to find my way, just like everybody else, through the white sea. I can’t seem to find the ground under my feet, as I keep slipping and sliding. I start to think about the beach in Nicaragua, and how easy my feet glide through the sand and water. I remember from my recent past how there were times when I was tired from striding through the sand with a hot burning sun on my head. As with most things in life clichés turn out to be true; you always want what you don’t have.

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Safe surfing

You want to learn how to surf? That’s easy, just rent a board and go to a beach and try. Right? No, wrong…Surfing is a sport or art form that is underestimated often by people, mostly since it looks so easy. The the ocean is always in motion, it changes, it is powerful and this phenomenon of nature does what ever it wants. That’s why you should always enter the ocean humble, respect it, it is stronger than you. It is an environment that we can not control. What we can control is what our board does and how we react to the ocean and our board so a big part of learning is based on feeling. Here are a couple of tips that can keep you safe.

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Nicaragua News:

IL Magazine Says Nicaragua Offers “Best Real Estate Deals on Earth”

Many experts now point to Nicaragua, proclaiming it the next Costa Rica (though many Nicaraguans and ex-pats bristle at the description, pointing out the country’s unique history, culture and beauty). Even International Living claimed that the country’s unspoiled Pacific Coast is ripe for positive growth: “We believe this stretch of coastline is primed to explode onto the world stage, and that if history is any guide, real estate prices could skyrocket here as much as 500% in the next few years.”

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Nicaragua tourism: the next Costa Rica?

The sun shines down on lush orange mangos hanging from trees that line the road for miles, as farmers sit behind small wooden stands, selling fresh fruit to passersby. Children can be heard laughing and playing in a nearby schoolyard.

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Managua Nicaragua for Tourists

Although Managua is the point of entry for visitors to Nicaragua who arrive by airplane it is usually quickly exited for the more historically charming cities of Granada and Leon and the natural splendor of the Nicaraguan countryside. But the capital city itself is not only home to some of the country’s most important museums and landmarks, but is home to more than 1 million inhabitants and has some of Nicaragua’s best shopping, dining and nightlife options.

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